12 Hours in Heaven

12 hours in Heaven  photo by Smmody / Sasha Carlson

12 hours in Heaven photo by Smmody / Sasha Carlson


12 Hours in heaven

At EC1 24H Copenhagen
Curated by Anne-Julie Arnfred

In a culmination of sci-fi dystopia, feminism, pop-culture, reality-shows, computer-games and cults Nuleinn explores an alternative reality during a 12-hour long performance. In this participatory performance, the audience was invited to take part in the daily rituals of the Family, relinquishing their individual identities for a specific period of time. During their stay with the Family the participants were introduced to a number of activities, where their performance was rated and revealed for all to see. Nuleinn wants to reflect on our reality, time and social behavior through an extreme reality working with a more audience related performance, to challenge both themselves and their audience, and to explore which scenarios can play out within these specific settings.

EC1 24H Copenhagen 2018 is a living exhibition project presenting a new exhibition every day for three weeks, where every show is installed, unfolded and dismantled within 24 hours. Each show is a new collaboration between the artist(s) and the curator(s) of the day. The project involves over 30 participants who are based in Denmark and abroad.

Photos by Smmody / Sasha Carlson