cyborg is now!



FACTS: The installation consists of video material shown on old TV screens, and a projection with a video working with a processing code and a Kinect sensor
PLACE: Copenhagen (DK)
YEAR: 2015

CYBORG IS NOW! was an interactive total installation shown at Blågården at Nørrebro in the period 18-29th of June, 2015. Guests were invited into a sphere, which articulated the technological transformation we currently subside in, across generations, ethnicities, age, gender and bodies. We are currently living in an age where technology is omnipresent in the form of biotechnologies, digital technologies and other devices that help improve our lives. The future is a technological body, which is hooked up to Cyberspace and its infinite amount of information.
The installation is a tribute to the cyborgs fragmentation of subjectivities,
but furthermore a critical comment towards the negativ eimpact of technology.