Make Kin Not Babies

As Cybernetic parasites, Nuleinn explored and hacked the posthuman new nature and its capacity to adapt to the techno-biological order. The performance was part of Studio Thinking Hand’s exhibition Fugue at Galleri Kvit.

Rather than being the object of our protest, how do we extend awareness of
the lively activity of all beings and open to listen and relate to ‘nature’ and
technology’s autopoietic agency?

FUGUE is an investigation into embodying a Posthumanist gaze and a practice of observing and relating to complex entanglements and interactions that exist beyond a human scale and perception. A Posthumanist perspective posits a move beyond lethally dualistic Humanism, issues of power and entitlement in the age of globalisation and advanced capitalism, and calls for self-reflexivity and interdependent collaborations with multiple others in a collected sense of identity. Theorists such as Rosi Braidotti and Anna Tsing point towards new conceptual creativity in non-deterministic or controlled preconditions seeking affirmative counterpoints in unknown futures. Breaking down the human-nature divide, Studio ThinkingHand investigates and embodies Posthumanist theories that urge us to think critically and creatively about who and what we are in the process of becoming.

Supported by Københavns Kommune, Rådet for Visuel Kunst (Copenhagen Municipality Council of Visual Art)

Photos: Oskar Koliander