Dreams have a terrible will to power, and each one of us is a victim to the other’s dreams (Deleuze)

What does she dream about? The site-specific work Dreamers created for the exhibition Super Paradiso at Museum am Bach is a total installation. In the work, we create fast-fame, commenting on the imaginary realities we impose on ourselves and others. Through both virtual and physical reality, we are prone to believe in the narratives manufactured on social media. Andy Warhol’s statement; In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes has become a reality, where the internet creates celebrities every day. Through our work Dreamers, we want to comment on the tensions that exist between the virtual and the physical world. The installation is built as the perfect scene, with a neon light, glitter & glimmer. In the work, we are placed in a dream machine, which is activated by the characters Monica Monroe & Charla Maine, acting as the hosts for an exuberant and excessive paradise. The ABBA hit from 1979, I Have a Dream is lip-sung. The action repeats itself again and again and after 15 minutes begins to fall apart in a hysterical chaos. The two performers leave the Dream Machine and the installation echoes Deleuze’s words.