WORKS 2015



FACTS: The installation consists of two video works,
an Arduino Pir sensor and physical prints. As well as a live performance.
PLACE: Copenhagen (DK)
YEAR: 2015

An installation in uKirke at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. “Cyborg_i_uKirke” is a digital interactive total installation, which was shown at the Culture Night in Copenhagen on October 9th, 2015. The cyborg took over the church where the installation showcased the cyborg in a threefold setting, through an interactive video projection, a performance involving the “ghost” and the “shell” of the cyborg and a physical exhibition of cyborg prints.



FACTS: F7UIDS is a threefold piece consisting of a video,
surveillance cameras, an extravagant dress and liquids.
PLACE: HAUT_Scene, Copenhagen (DK)
YEAR: 2015

F7UIDS is a video installation and performance, exploring body f7uids. It was created specifically for the exhibition TRANSFORMATION, curated by NO IMAGE, at HAUT_Scene in Copenhagen on the 25th-26th of September 2015.

White is the color of purity and we explored the ways f7uids can disrupt a white surface by placing ourselves inside the exhibition room, one wearing a white dress, the other dressed in black. In a sadomasochistic relationship we examined the history and taboos of body f7uids, ranging
from the Bible to modern times. The dress was subjected to f7uids, where the audience was invited to participate in the performance, but were held accountable for their actions through surveillance. The video piece showed NULEINN exploring fluids in a raw and unfiltered setting.


FACTS: The performance installation consists of video works, and a performance.
PLACE: Museum am Bach, Ruden (AT)
YEAR: 2015

Cyborg von Oben is a performance installation which was shown at Museum am Bach in Ruden Austria during the von Oben performance weekend August 6th-7th, 2015. Cyborg von Oben is a further developement from the previous work, CYBORG IS NOW! Here the cyborg has been duplicated, creating a reflection of itself, which she sits in front of. The cyborg meets herself, and the audience, while exploring the insides and outsides of the museum. The performance is interactive, where the audience is invited to interact with the cyborg, and ask her anything. In the meanwhile the other half of the cyborg explores the room, and stands amongst the audience.



FACTS: The installation consists of video material shown on old TV screens, and a projection with a video working with a processing code and a Kinect sensor
PLACE: Copenhagen (DK)
YEAR: 2015

CYBORG IS NOW! was an interactive total installation shown at Blågården at Nørrebro in the period 18-29th of June, 2015. Guests were invited into a sphere, which articulated the technological transformation we currently subside in, across generations, ethnicities, age, gender and bodies. We are currently living in an age where technology is omnipresent in the form of biotechnologies, digital technologies and other devices that help improve our lives. The future is a technological body, which is hooked up to Cyberspace and its infinite amount of information.
The installation is a tribute to the cyborgs fragmentation of subjectivities,
but furthermore a critical comment towards the negativ eimpact of technology. 



ARTISTS: Anders Weberg & NULEINN
FACTS: The total installation consists of video works by Anders Weberg,
Arduino PIR sensors, Kinect sensor, and surveillance cameras.
CURATOR: Tanya Toft
PLACE: 'The White Factory', Copenhagen (DK)
YEAR: 2015

HERE ALL ALONE, was a total installation of sound and video art which was shown in ‘the white factory’ at Nørrebro in June, 2015. It was the first solo show by Swedish artist Anders Weberg in Denmark. NULEINN developed the interactive part of the exhibition, which unfolds through large-scale responsive sound and video installations, and other media installations with surveillance cameras. The audience was invited to explore the video works of Weberg, which react to their presence in the room. The interactive part was built up around sensors, both PIR movement sensors with the Arduino and Kinect sensors, which activate, move, and distort Webergs video works. This way the audience becomes aware of themselves, and the presence of others in the room.